Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've lost my cell phone, so for now I can't download any of the beautiful pix I took during my work trip in Mexico this week. We almost drove off a cliff, which didn't make us look too professional. But other than that it was a highly productive trip toward improving urban health and the urban environment of our second world neighbors.

Until the cell turns up, what I thought I'd blog about instead is the Great Backyard Bird Count. Again. If limp intimidation in the Feb. 11 post didn't work, then...well...I failed, and you aren't as great as you think. But perhaps by nagging I can appeal to the better part of your inner self. Three days remain to contribute to this North American survey, and not only is the impact to your day minimal, but you'll thoroughly enjoy every minute of it, too. The Birds Etcetera blog demonstrates how simple this great program can be right in -- you got it -- your backyard. A ton of folks will procrastinate, so be unique: do your 15 minute bird count today! Go on, dust off those binocs (you were gonna break 'em out for the satellite vs. rocket show next week, anyway!).

I'll be joining you from my backyard as soon as I fork over an appendage (and not a vestigial one) for repairs at the dealership.

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