Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hold up, Uphold

If you have plans to cross the US/MX border by land then you'll need twice the amount of time. At least, if you intend to do so legally. With the new identification requirements put into effect January 31st, I was treated to not one but TWO hours of exhaust-filled air in crossing back to 'my homeland'.

What's the hold-up, you ask? Instead of a border patrol agent simply asking you your country of citizenship, they now require two forms of identification. In the case of US citizens, this includes:
  1. state-issued ID (e.g, driver's license); and
  2. proof of citizenship (e.g., a passport, birth certificate, etc.)
In lieu of a passport, there are a couple other options. I didn't bother to catch them, but you can learn more about the new ID requirements at the U.S. Custom's and Border Protection website.

Oh, I'm not complaining. Maybe I don't know enough to. Honestly, I'm surprised it took so long after 9/11 to institute this added and relatively simple security measure. What else has our federal government been doing to further national defense along the border? Constructing a FENCE 700 miles long. Unfortunately, it will do NOTHING to keep the most desperate (and dangerous) people out of the U.S., but will have a clear and negative impact on scores of endangered and struggling wildlife whose survival hasn't evolved to the level of fence-climbing.

said the reds, there's that damned endangered species law getting in the way again... It's so inconvenient. Wish we could just ignore it. Hmmmm....

The Bush administration couldn't get rid of the endangered species law earlier in the administration, so now they've just taken to driving right over it and forging ahead regardless. (Kinda like how hundreds of illegal aliens will soon be doing to their fence.) Also under fire from border fence construction: The clean water and air acts, and a few other federal laws created to uphold protections for our country, citizenry, and homeland. Why the fence again? To protect our country, citizenry, and homeland. Anyone else confused?

But I digress.... There's a little extra wait at the border, folks. On the bright side, it's a great opportunity to stare at the fence and contemplate the issues.

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