Friday, May 8, 2009

Scorpion Hunt

Uroctonus mordax is a species of scorpion that occurs in the Pacific Northwest. Now that I am living back up here as a converted lover of all things arachnid, I want to find one. This weekend I will be visiting a cabin to do some nature writing as part of the Spring Creek Trillium Project. A friend and I will visit the 40+ acres the cabin sits on to write about whatever moves us, and as I do so my scorpion feelers will be out. U. mordax...I'm coming for you. I'll be sure to share what I find!!

I'd also like to add this: quite a few people who visit the scorpions links to this blog are looking for information on Pacific Northwest scorpions, and unfortunately I don not (yet) have any information to share. But in my own preparations for this weekend I came across a helpful website which I can at least provide a link to: The Venom List. Please look it over for information abot U. mordax and arachnida in general. As I find more resources to share on scorpions in this region I'll be sure to share.


Anonymous said...

I went to the Internet to see if I could find out something about the "scorpion-look-alike" insect that I killed in our garden four days ago. Imagine my surprise when I found this site and attached link. I had no idea that scorpions live in our rural area right outside Vancouver,WA.!!! I've lived here my whole life and had never seen one before. Thanks for your info. I'll certainly be watchful next time I'm out weeding!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this site is still visited or used, I did want to post this as I had much difficulty finding any info on the scorpian I found this week. We were camping in the Detroit/Breitenbush area of the Jefferson Wilderness in Oregon. Much to my surprise my friend found the "scorpian" in an decaying cedar log while looking for wood to burn in the campfire. I later that evening used a black light flashlight I have to see if it was "glowed" under the light in the dark. Sure enough it did, I had a boyfriend who used to live in Az who told me thats how they looked for them in desert, with black lights. So now I will be more aware of the little creatures while trekking amongst their habitat.