Sunday, June 1, 2008

Seattle Marineros

Seattle Waterfront

I'm visiting the Pacific Northwest, and was treated to a Mariners game yesterday (belated birthday gift from my best friend -- thx Beck!). Safeco field honored Latin American beisbol on our chosen game day. Free hats were given out that read "Marineros".

The Mariners had been on a loosing streak, but I told my gramps: I'm in town, their luck is about to turn... :) And it sure did! After being stomped by the Detroit Tigers in four previous games, the Mariners won 5-0. Reed scored a homerun, Johjima stole home successfully during a double fumble by the catcher, and the ninth was a no-hit closing by J.J. Putz to complete the shut out. All the players I remember are now retired or traded (Wilson, Martinez, Griffey, Moyer, etc.). Including, too, hall of famer inductee-to-be Dave Niehaus. So I really look forward to learning the players again once I move to Oregon for school this fall. Guess I should get acquainted with college sports, too... Jeesh, even my surgeon knows more about the Beavers than I.

Safeco Field's retractable roof closing

The rain and chilly weather hit the week I arrived, but no complaints from me. Bring it on! I have 105-degree heat and bland blue skies awaiting me back in Arizona.

Before the game we visited Pike Place Market. One of my favorite vendors is Old Seattle Paperworks (downstairs). I love skimming their historic reprints of Portland and Seattle during the late 19th/early 20th centuries, before paved roads and dams changed the landscape. Coming from a long line of Pac NW farmers and loggers, it's pretty neat to think my great, great grandparents walked those streets.

The annual market festival was taking place, so there were several mini-parades and lots more people than usual. Becky and I got piroshkies at the Russian bakery and then meandered through the crowded market. Everyone was in a good mood, in spite of the intermittent rain and sun breaks.

Becky and I stayed at a Bed & Breakfast near downtown the night before. Capitol Hill Guest House -- it was beautiful. We awoke at least one guest with our giggling (they told us later it was a pleasant, early morning sound). I'm just glad we didn't get kicked out; best friends since 9, we often regress to devilish antics. Beck treated me to dinner at my favorite Seattle restaurant, Elliott's Oyster House. Their clam chowder is award-winning, and in my humble opinion challenged only by a small Irish pub in Ocean Shores. I also tried my first taste of creme brulee. Wowee! I'm not a fan of custard-like things, but was so impressed I plan to learn and perfect it over the summer. It requires torching the top to caramelize the sugars. You can also broil it, but I shall use fire (fire! fire!). I hope you're up for another experimental dish, Jack. {Picture: Becky found a nice nook!}

Before leaving the city, we had a quick visit with my cousin who attends the University of Washington. Ryan is in his sophmore year excels in all the courses I detested: physics...calculus... Eck. More power to him!

Unfortunately, I did develop the flu last night upon returning to my Mom's near Portland. I'm downing shots of Airborne, but even my eyelids feel achey. All I want to do is rest -- which is good, because tomorrow I head out to the Columbia Gorge area to satiate my inner hobo. I'll spend 5 days getting acquainted with my future field sites, meet the third member of my graduate committee, and maybe even slip into some hip waders to collect my first bit of data... I'm hoping for some good invert shots, too.

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