Monday, April 7, 2008

Beware of Bird

Gila woodpeckers do a number on the stucco walls at times here in the desert southwest. They're a cavity nester, typically drilling their holes in the Saguaro cactus. But when we bulldozed the cacti to build homes, offices and schools, it left the local Gila kinda high and dry. Secretly, I'm rooting for them. And if it weren't for that darned chicken wire beneath the stucco, they'd be in business. Other than that these holes create a potential habitat for Africanized honey bees, it's no biggy (home owners might disagree!).
A local male Gila regularly drums on my chimney. It's thunderous, and sounds as if a commercial airliner is about to shoot out of the fireplace into my living room. My two cats go frantic amidst the roar, I laugh, and the Gila keeps right at it. Such sass.

In light of the recent Red-tailed hawk encounter at Fenway Park, "beware of bird" signs might be in order!

{"Monday Myth" will be back next week on the many misconceptions about Africanized honey bees.}

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